Butt. Set (Pin & Box ) Plastic Protector C/W Steel Shield to Protect Casing Pipe

Composite Thread Protectors for Casing are Precision Engineered with a Steel roll over bumper designed to absorb severe impact & prevent damage to the thread connection during handling & Transport. The Composite Thread Protectors cover the full thread length & seal face to prevent stripping loosening or ingress of debris & corrosion, which will damage the thread. The heavy duty HDPE Plastic thread profile prevent all contact between the steel bumper & the thread connection thereby eliminating possibility of bi-metallic corrosion. Only we started this year to produce the product 20 “when IDM asked our company to design and manufacture this size because they decided, based on their patriotic sense, not to import this product from abroad to support the Egyptian industry and God helped us together in providing this product



Item Outside Diameter Of Pipe Connection Thread Type Part NO. (ALF – Cas – 8000) Wight
Box Side Pin Kg. Box




1 20 BTC 8020-P 8020-B