3″1/2 IF & 4″1/2 IF Cast Steel Male & Female Lifting Cap for drilling Tools

  • Cast Steel Lifting Caps, Drill Pipe Protector Lifting Caps, Lift Nubbins We affix a Unique Serial Number on each Protector for complete traceability.
  • Cast Steel Lifting Caps, Drill Pipe Protector Lifting Caps Each protector is load tested and certified and all necessary documents in this regard are provided.
  • Each Cast Steel Thread Protector with lifting bail has been load tested and inspected prior to sale. We recommend that the end users carry out frequent inspection to ensure that the bail is not cracked, threads are not damaged and that proper fitting to the connection is possible.


Item Outside Diameter Range Connection Thread Size & Type Part NO. (ALF-CSLB-DP 9000) Wight
Pin  Side Box Side Pin Kg. Box





4” :  4“3/8

27/8 IF 9001-P 9001-B
2 3”1/2 Reg. 9002-P 9002-B
3 4”1/2 : 5”1/8 NC-35


3”1/2 IF

9003-P 9003-B
4 9004-P 9004-B
5 9005-P 9005-B
6 53/4”: 6”1/4 4”1/2 Reg. 9006-P 9006-B
7 6”3/4 : 7”1/2 NC-50 9007-P 9007-B
8 4”1/2 IF 9008-P 9008-B